Sexual Health Questions to Ask All Patients

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This new sexual history-taking tool includes a 6th P to help providers talk with patients about sexual pleasure, problems, and pride. It builds upon CDC's 5 Ps approach that asks patients about 1) Partners 2) Practices 3) Past History of STIs 4) Protection, and 5) Pregnancy Prevention/Reproductive Life Plan. Specifically, the 6th P explores sexual satisfaction, functioning, concerns, and support for one's gender identity and sexual orientation.

If you’d like additional information about integrating sexual health conversations and preventive services into routine visits, please go to: Sexual Health and Your Patients: A Provider's Guide.

If you’d like to access evidence-based sexual health resources, including trainings, and curricula, on a variety of topics across the lifespan, please go to NCSH’s Compendium of Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources for Healthcare Providers.

You can find this guide in Spanish, here